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World of the Abyss

Minting has begun!

the Real Mobile MMORPG

Introducing World of the Abyss

The First Real no-auto-battle MMORPG for Mobile powered by NEAR Protocol Blockchain, NFT & Play2Earn.

As part of this NFT mint, 120 very valuable Dark Prince Chest NFTs containing a standard, rare, unique, epic, or legendary item of any grade will be available to be opened and used in the game on the global release date. Other types of chests will be available at a higher price and in smaller quantities at a later date

NFT Chests

There will be 5 types of very precious NFT Chests (loot boxes). Having purchased the NFT Chest at mint, you will receive a NEAR NFT representing this particular chest.

How to use?

Any chest can be opened in the game at Global Launch date or re-sold anytime on Paras Marketplace now or in-game p2p NFT Market later.

Why buy now?

NFT Chests pre-sale amounts will be limited to the drops stated in Roadmap. Every next pre-sale, the price of previous unsold chests (if there are any) will be increased. A new type of greater chests will be added every next presale. We are planning to complete all pre-sales before Global Launch, so the only way to obtain NFT Chests after Global Launch will be to buy them from other people on the secondary market.

NFT- items obtained from the Chests would be much more expensive after the game release date, as well as other NFT items in the game, due to their unique performance characteristics and limited supply.

What's inside the chests?

Every NFT Chest contains one random Legendary, Epic, Unique or Rare NFT item of different grades e.g. Weapons, Armor, Jewelry, etc.

NFT items are unique items with special performance characteristics that cannot loot from players when they get killed and are also indestructible, belonging to the players even outside the game as stored on the NEAR Blockchain.